Change is coming!

Thursday, February 16 2017

We will be scrapping the exact fare policy for customers travelling on our buses.

New general manager, Alex Chutter, commented: “Since Thamesdown became part of the Go Ahead Group, we have spent a lot of time talking to both our customers and our colleagues, to see how we can make travelling with us easier. 

“It is clear to us that some potential customers may have chosen not to travel with Thamesdown in the past because they didn’t have the exact change for their journey. 

“As a result of this feedback, we plan to rectify this as soon as possible, by moving away from the current exact fare policy. 

“This will take effect over the coming weeks, whilst our team installs the equipment necessary. During this time, we ask our customers to bear with us and bring the exact change with them, just in case.

“From Sunday 26 March all our drivers will be ready and willing to issue change whenever required. 

“This move is designed to make our buses more accessible, and is just one of the improvements we intend to introduce for our customers over the coming months.”

We will of course, keep this page updated as and when we have more news for you.


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