SmartFare is a simple, convenient way to pay for bus travel without worrying about change, using our Swindon Bus TravelCard. It can be loaded with credit values of £5, £10, £15 or £20.

How does SmartFare work?

It’s simple. When you get on the bus just place the card on the ticket machine’s reader and ask the driver for your ticket in the usual way. You can buy a single, day return (where available), DayRider, DayRiderPlus or EveningRiderPlus ticket using SmartFare and the cost of the ticket will be automatically deducted from the balance on your TravelCard. A paper ticket will be issued with details of your journey and the amount of credit remaining on your smartcard. You must retain this ticket in the normal way as proof that you have paid your fare.

How do I get one?

Please complete the Application Form so we can prepare your TravelCard for you. You can have your TravelCard sent to you by post, or you can collect it from our Travel Shop in Fleming Way. Once you have your TravelCard you can load it with credit values of £5, £10, £15 or £20 at our Travel Shop on Fleming Way, or on any of our buses.

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How do I top up my TravelCard?

You can top up your TravelCard at our Travel Shop in Fleming Way, on any of our buses or online**. It takes only a few seconds to top up your card with £5, £10, £15 or £20 as you prefer.

 ** Currently it is not possible for holders of Young Persons' TravelCards to purchase SmartFare credit online.

Will my card expire if I don’t use it?

No, the value will be retained on your TravelCard until it is used up.

Are there any limitations of use?

You can buy single, day return (where available), DayRider, DayRiderPlus or EveningRiderPlus tickets on any of our buses. Please note that SmartFare cannot be used on Stagecoach buses.

What happens if I lose my card?

If your TravelCard is lost, stolen or damaged it can be 'hotlisted' overnight (Mondays to Saturdays) to prevent it being used by anyone else, so let us know as soon as possible. A replacement TravelCard can be issued at our Travel Shop for a fee of £5. This will be loaded with the amount of credit which remained on the card at the time it was disabled.